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n.d.    The Mission Trail A Springboard for Heritage Tourism, by Alfonso Tellez, Historic Preservation Coordinator for the City of El Paso, Texas, 2 page report (Available online, the article concerns the preservation of the El Paso missions and the technical related challenges without threatening historic and structural integrity of these historic structures. The article contains a good city map of the missions with an icon of the mission façade of each). Texas Department of Economic Development Tourism Division

2000    Mission Valley Tourism Assessment, July 27-29, 2000, unpublished 31-page report (Note: this report recognized the economic success of Speaking Rock Casino, operated and owned by the Tigua Tribe of Ysleta del Sur Pueblo, which account for 45,000 person visits on a weekly basis. This plan recommended that casino visitors be enticed to visit other communities and locations within the Mission Valley, see p. 3. Recommends permanent outdoor signage for the historic sites. This report recommended the development of a cultural travel/tourism website to educate and promote the cultural/historical legacies of area, including the Mission Valley, p. 21. The report also recommended the creation of a Mission Valley Tourism Organization or to incorporate such activities within existing organizations. TxDot resources, p. 23).

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